About ensibo

ensibo is an independent service provider for Operations & Maintenance of solar power plants. Our processes are targeted to secure the long-term profitability of every photovoltaic power plant. ensibo stands for a lean organization, consistent service adaptation to customer needs and one of the most extensive and at once efficient service programs for solar power plants. The company is based in Hamburg, Germany, and acts on both national and international level.

What differentiates ensibo from the competition?

ensibo is one of very few service providers that are truly and completely independent from component manufacturers and EPC companies. This protects our customers from potential conflicts of interest that are inherently present when dependent O&M service providers are responsible for the technical plant management.
Based on decades of combined experience, the ensibo team has developed a unique combination of independence and deep understanding of solar technology from which our customers profit a 100%. 

Which types of plants are serviced by ensibo?

On the one hand, ensibo services medium- to large-scale photovoltaic rooftop systems between 50 kWp and 1,000 kWp. On the other hand, the company takes over Operations & Maintenance services for ground-mounted solar power plants (solar farms) above 4,500 kWp. ensibo offers the optimal package for any plant size and service requirement and thereby ensures the best cost-value ratio for the customer.
The ensibo team is experienced on international scale and services plants in Germany as well as many other countries.

How has ensibo developed to date?

The ensibo GmbH was founded as an independent solar service provider in 2011 and quickly established successfully on the solar market. The number of customers opting for O&M services provided by the Hamburg based company is continuously increasing. Currently, we provide technical management services to solar power plants with a combined capacity exceeding 120 MWp. 

ensibo adapts to the changing requirements of the solar PV market. We understand change as opportunity and have internalized a culture of continuous learning. This enables the on-going improvement of our processes and serves our goal to secure the long-term profitability of every single plant we manage. In 2014, ensibo merged with also Hamburg based ProjectQuality which specializes in solar Repowering. Through this combination of two complementary service offers, the technical competence was enhanced and the international footprint of ensibo was increased.

You can download our Company presentation as PDF here.