Operations and Maintenance

Service quality based on experience and independence!

ensibo is the competent service provider for Operations & Maintenance of your solar power plants. ensibo is completely independent from component manufacturers and EPC companies, we only act on behalf of our customers – the owners of photovoltaic rooftop systems and solar farms.

Based on many years of experience in the solar O&M sector we have developed a specifically extensive and at once efficient service and maintenance program for solar power plants – and continue to improve it. Our processes are targeted to ensure the long-term profitability of each single PV plant we manage.

By offering flexible service levels we can adapt our offer exactly to the customer’s requirements. For instance, in case you would like to manage corrective maintenance yourself, we can focus our service on monitoring, ticketing and preventive maintenance. If you are in doubt of the abilities of your current service provider, start with contracting us to check their work.

We care for your solar power plants – regardless of plant size and throughout Europe. Simply request your individual offer!

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    Preventive maintenance
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Our flexible service levels for solar power plants

ensibo offers you flexible service levels that can be adapted exactly to your individual requirements.

  ensibo Monitoring ensibo O&M ensibo O&M Plus

Initial plant assessment 

Remote monitoring with Qantum

  • Independent from data logger/inverter 
  • Pro-active and continuous
  • Detailed data analysis down to string level 
  • Validation of operating data 
  • Interpretation of plant performance
  • 7 days/week

Corrective maintenance within defined response times

Failure detection and coordination of correction Failure detection and correction incl. spare parts

Online access to web portal

  • Complete access to plant operating data
  • Data export
  • Reporting tool


  • Regular and relevant
  • Tailored to the Client’s needs
  • Monthly interval
  • Plant performance data
  • Comparison of expected / actual yield
  • List of all service tickets

Recommendations to optimize plant profitability

Detailed analysis of plant performance data in case of unexpected events

Inspection of all main components

  • Execution by ensibo personnel according to detailed service schedule 
  • Visual checks
  • Electrical measurements
  • Mechanical checks
  • Thermographic measurements
  • Bi-annually or annually 

Assume plant responsibility towards grid operator

Preventive maintenance of main components according to manufacturers instructions

Site maintenance, module cleaning, security service

Coordination of service providers Execution of services

Management of spare parts storage

Further advisory services 

Communication and coordination with EPCs, external experts, laboratories, authorities, warranty claims, insurance claims, grid operators