Corrective Maintenance

Corrective Maintenance

The goal of the corrective maintenance is the immediate remediation of each defect to restore the availability of solar power plants. The proven fault management processes and the long-tem experience of ensibo staff ensure that affected equipment is brought back online fast. In addition to the detection of the root causes of faults within your solar power plant, the organization and control of own and external technicians as well as the procurement of spare parts belong to our core competencies.

The following services are covered by the corrective maintenance:

  • Identification of the root cause for plant failure
  • Immediate troubleshooting on site (if technically possible)
  • Application of repair flat-rates to avoid delayed decision-making of client
  • Transparent and efficient involvement of the client in extensive repairs
  • Coordination and tracking of repairs and warranty related works
  • Provision and management of spare parts inventory

Your benefits: Each plant failure and its correction are documented in the ticket system of Qantum, i.e. the overall documentation takes place in a single system. Due to the fast restoration of the plant availability your return on investment is maximized.

We care for your solar power plants – regardless of plant size and throughout Europe. Simply request your individual offer!