Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance

The goal of the pro-active measures in the context of maintenance is to prevent plant failures prior to their occurrence. To avoid yield loss or even complete shut-down of your solar power plant, ensibo carries out all inspections and maintenance work in accordance with established policies and current state of the art. Our extensive inspection and maintenance plan defines the scope and frequency of visual, mechanical, electrical and thermographic examinations for each system component (PV modules, inverters, combiner boxes, string cables, racks, transformers and switchgears).


The following services are covered by the preventive maintenance:

  • Plant responsibility towards the grid operator
  • Regular visual inspection of solar power plant in accordance with the inspection schedule
  • Regular maintenance of modules, substructures and other infrastructure facilities
  • Regular maintenance of inverters, connection boxes, monitoring system, transformers and switchgears
  • Annual thermography of all main components
  • Regular laboratory measurements of a pre-defined set of modules
  • Landscape maintenance and security service for solar farms
  • Cleaning of modules
  • Inspection of the roof membrane and roof penetrations of PV rooftop installations
  • Advising the customer with regard to communication and cooperation with third parties (components manufacturers, grid operators, insurance, etc.)

Your benefits: You can profit from the experience and the sophisticated processes of ensibo that guarantee high system availability and thus high profitability of your solar investment. Through the use of advanced measuring instruments, recorded measurement values are already checked for plausibility directly on-site, defects are immediately identified and can already be remediated during servicing  - avoiding additional site visits.

We care for your solar power plants – regardless of plant size and throughout Europe. Simply request your individual offer