Partners of ensibo

We choose our partners and suppliers carefully. In doing so, high service and product quality and a sustainable business approach are our main decision criteria.

  • QOS Energy

    QOS Energy

    We use the software platform Qantum developed by QOS Energy for the daily plant monitoring.

  • kinewables


    The kinewables gmbh form Munich is our strategic partner for the commercial asset management of solar power plants.

  • 8.2 Renewable Energy Experts Hamburg GmbH

    8.2 Renewable Energy Experts Hamburg GmbH

    8.2 are trusted experts for solar PV and wind energy technology. We work with 8.2 for the drafting of expert opinions as needed for the plants under our management.

  • Hillmann + Ploog

    Hillmann + Ploog

    Hillmann + Ploog is our supplier of PV components. HiPlo is a major electrical wholesaler in Northern Germany and respects its employees above average; this is proven by the very low staff fluctuation.

  • Hetzner Online AG

    Hetzner Online AG

    Hetzner Online AG operates the servers for our office applications. The data is hosted at Hetzner under German law, and Hetzner operates the servers with renewable electricity.

  • Meier-NT


    Meier-NT develops manufacturer-independent and professional PV data loggers.

  • German Solar Association

    German Solar Association

    ensibo is a member of the German Solar Association (BSW-Solar). Its objective is to establish solar energy as a permanent pillar of a global energy industry.