The goal of the continuous monitoring of the solar power plant is the fast identification and qualified interpretation of yield-relevant events within the system. With the monitoring software Qantum our experienced team can quickly and reliably identify plant failures and initiate the necessary steps for the remediation of each defect. Our high quality standards are documented by transparent processes towards our customers.


The following services are covered by the monitoring:

  • Active remote monitoring of solar power plants with continuous import of operating date from the data loggers of your plant
  • Automated analysis of the data in Qantum (Condition Monitoring down to string-level)
  • Qualified interpretation of results for the identification of problems, failures or implausibilities
  • Comparison of current operating data of individual components to each other (complete systems, inverters, module strings)
  • Comparison of current operating data of individual components with forecast values
  • Trend analysis to identify long-term plant shortcomings
  • Immediate initiation of corrective measures in case of failures

Your benefits: Clearly defined processes ensure fast reaction and reproducibility. The vendor-independent monitoring solution Qantum can communicate with all common data loggers, so that no new hardware (data logger) is necessary.

We care for your solar power plants – regardless of plant size and throughout Europe. Simply request your individual offer!