Transparent reporting of plant performance

The goal of the professional reporting of ensibo is to allow the maximum possible transparency of the technical condition and profitability of your solar investment. Based on the operating data and the consistently tended ticket system in Qantum you have access to two different reporting options. On the one hand you regularly receive high quality reports specially tailored to your requirements. On the other hand, you can access our web portal to checkthe operating data of your system.

The following services are covered by the reporting:

  • Documentation of all processes in Qantum: Corrective maintenance and inspections, operating and weather data as well as data from grid operators
  • Regular, meaningful and customized plant performance reports (monthly or quarterly)
  • Clear and timely information about faults and operating data
  • Online access to the Qantum web portal for investors

Your benefits: Use the high quality reports in your sole discretion and make it accessible to your customers and supervisory bodies.

We care for your solar power plants – regardless of plant size and throughout Europe. Simply request your individual offer!