Qantum – The independent monitoring software for solar power plants

The monitoring software Qantum developed by Univers enables our team to monitor the plant performance, identify each component failure and document the remediation of any defect. Our high quality standards are documented by transparent processes towards our customers. In addition, you can log-in to our investor portal to view your plant’s data.

You will find in Qantum:

  • Description of plant and components
  • All events concerning your solar power plant ("Service records")
  • Operational data and status messages
  • Opportunity to download pre-configured reports

A single platform integrates plant monitoring:

Since ensibo is convinced of the functionality and the advantages of Qantum, we integrate all plants under our management in this central platform.

Qantum combines all technical and commercial data for the plant operator and enables our employees to quickly and precisely ensure optimal plant performance. The software contains the following specifications and features: 

Reports & Key ratios

  • Automated report compilation based on customized templates
  • Automated and reproducible calculation of plant availability and Performance Ratio

User access

  • Web-based solution ensures flexibility
  • Different user roles incl. configuration of applicable access rights
  • Investor portal gives fast overview data for customers and guest users
  • Multilingual user interface

Operating data

  • Import of operating data from all common data loggers for manufacturer independent monitoring in one portal => no additional hardware required
  • Visualization and Condition Monitoring down to component level
  • Clearly arranged graphs, easy-to-use zoom function and possibility to combine and compare diagrams in one view
  • Easy export of all operating data to MS Excel 
  • Real-time monitoring or adjustable intervals – depending on the data frequency sent from the solar power plant 

Plant description

  • Complete description of power plant and installed components incl. all documents 
  • Automated import of inverter and weather station data to enable fast and reliable configuration of solar power plants with several hundred string inverters in Qantum 
  • Linking of documents, e.g. manuals, defect photos or protocols with individual components or tickets

Service records

  • Administration of Service records in integrated ticketing system allowing to link alarm messages and to document in detail all works and events related to the plant
  • Planning of preventive maintenance site visits
  • Comfortable documentation and follow-up of Operations & Maintenance processes