Press release September 2018 - ensibo adopts QOS Energy’s innovative O&M software to streamline management of 120 MW PV portfolio.

Qantum® is a cloud analytics platform that enables the efficient aggregation and analysis of raw data streams generated by ensibo’s plants.

ensibo is an independent provider of O&M services for solar power plants, and operates a wide diversity of solar installations across several countries in Europe and Asia. The company services solar PV plants ranging from 250 kWp to 50 MWp for renewable energy investors, asset managers and independent power producers. To optimise plant revenue, ensibo needs to efficiently treat the massive stream of data generated by the projects on a daily basis; regardless of the asset type, location or technical configuration.

“Our clients expect to extract the maximum value from their solar investment by increasing power production and reducing downtimes on the long-term. O&M Services play a vital role to achieve this goal and ensibo is their partner of choice for this. Our team of highly-qualified engineers and technicians works on 365 days per year to ensure the optimum performance for each of our customers plants,” explained Jan Gäde, Commercial Director at ensibo.

ensibo’s clients operate PV plants using a wide range of of data acquisition systems and inverters. These PV plants are sometimes sophisticated facilities that include hundreds of inverters, combiner boxes, as well as tens of thousands of sensors, which generate up to 20.000 measured and calculated values every 5 minutes. The Qantum® renewable energy management platform seamlessly gathers the information from the plants’ monitoring systems, and transforms the data into comprehensive analytics, dashboards, alerts and events.

“QOS Energy’s management platform is a smart and flexible solution that offers the data acquisition, analytics, ticketing system, and reporting features required to achieve that goal in a cost-efficient manner,” continued Melanie von Borstel, Co-Founder and Operations Director of ensibo.

The cloud-based Qantum® suite features a complete set of customisable charts, dashboards, KPIs and alerts, helping users to gain a deeper understanding of the assets’ performance, thereby maximising operational performance. The platform also offers a fully integrated maintenance management system to help reduce downtime by streamlining maintenance workflows for large and complex renewable energy portfolios.

“With our solar monitoring software solution, ensibo can visualise and manage global asset performance using a simple web browser. It makes it much easier to identify underperformance and increase power production across a complex and diverse renewable asset base. Our software’s back-end is able to gather the raw information generated by the plants to create advanced plant management intelligence,” explained Franck Le Breton, CEO of QOS Energy.