Press Release - January 2016

Five years ensibo: Solar O&M provider doubles serviced plant capacity within one year

Hamburg, 20.01.2016 – The experts for Operations & Maintenance of solar power plants celebrate the fifth anniversary of ensibo GmbH. Over the course of 2015, the plant fleet under operation has been increased to over 100 MWp.

Successful business development confirms company strategy

Five years after its foundation, ensibo has successfully established itself as an independent O&M service provider for solar farms and photovoltaic rooftop systems. "We are excited about the anniversary and the very good business development," explained Ulrich von Borstel, Managing Partner of ensibo GmbH. "In 2015, we were able to conclude new contracts for more than 50 MWp. This corresponds to a doubling of the plant capacity we are technically responsible for". With its growing team of highly qualified engineers and technicians, the company is well prepared for further growth.

Improved plant performance through change of O&M provider

ensibo is an independent service provider and acts only in the interests of its customers, the owners of solar power plants. "We focus on our strengths in operations and in the technical optimization to ensure that for each plant the highest performance can be achieved," told Ulrich von Borstel. Already within the first year after the O&M takeover, plants serviced by ensibo achieve an average yield increase of 4.7%. These results are based on in-depth technical analysis and implementation of resulting optimization measures - an approach that the company has perfected on the basis of experience from the daily operation of solar farms in Germany, Italy and Kazakhstan.

About ensibo

ensibo is the independent service provider for Operations & Maintenance of solar power plants. Whether continuous remote monitoring, corrective maintenance, preventive maintenance or reporting: The technical management of solar farms and large photovoltaic rooftop systems is the passion and profession of our team. ensibo stands for a lean organization, consistent service adaptation to customer needs and one of the most extensive and at once efficient service programs for solar power plants.  With the specifically for ensibo developed monitoring software solMan, the experienced team monitors solar power plants of any size and independent from installed components. The ensibo GmbH was founded in January, 2011, is based in Hamburg (Germany) and operates solar power plants on both national and international level.

For further information please contact:
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